Gas Credit Refunds

Everything you need to know about Gas Credit Refunds, from the request, to picking up the refund through Payzone, to adding it to your Credit Balance on your meter

What you need to do: 

  1. Once you have requested the Gas Credit Refund you need to wait 1 business day before taking your gas card to your nearest Payzone outlet. For example, the request is made on a Friday, you need to wait for next Monday to carry out the next step.

  2. Ask them for a "Credit Update" and you'll receive a receipt which should say "Your gas card has been updated by your gas supplier". There is no need to buy a Top Up but you can also get a Top Up if you need to. What is a Credit Update?

  3. Return to your property and insert the gas card into the meter, making sure the  gold coloured chip on card is facing towards the meter display. 

  4. Press and hold ‘A’ until the meter beeps. Continue pressing ‘A’ until you see ‘Screen 33’ on the meter

  5. Screen 33 allows you to check that you got your credit by showing you the date and the amount of the last gas credit refund you received.  If the credit is showing on this screen then it has already been applied to your credit balance. You don't need to take any further action. 

  6. If you cannot see your requested credit on screen 33, repeat steps 2-5 above until you see your Gas Credit Refund showing on Screen 33. This may take up to 4 attempts in certain circumstances. These attempts have to all be done on separate days, e.g. one attempt on Monday, one attempt on Tuesday etc...

Gas Balance


  • There can be up to 2 Gas Card paired with a Gas Meter at any time. If you have 2 cards, make sure you are inserting both of them to see if you have received your refund.

  • You need to insert your Gas Card into your Gas Meter (pair) after each one of these four Credit Update/Top Ups. 

  • Don't have a gas card? Find out how to get one here

  • Remember to check Screen 33  every time after carrying out a Top Up/Credit Update to see if you have gotten the Gas Credit Refund. 

  • Remember to wait 1 business day AFTER you have requested the credit before you start the process outlined above. 

  • Credits expire 60 days after having been issued by PrepayPower. If you have not received it within that time frame it will have expired and needs to be requested again. 

  • Credit issued by PrepayPower for Gas Meters DO NOT clear Gas Emergency Credit debt. Gas Emergency Credit debt can only be cleared through Topping Up. Find more information here.

What is a "Credit Update"?

Simply put, it means that you are checking for a "message" from PrepayPower. No credit is paid for or added to your gas card, it just means that you are checking for messages from PrepayPower, such as a Gas Credit Refund.


How to do a "Credit Update" in a Payzone Outlet

  • Hand your gas card to the Payzone outlet staff member

  • Ask them to carry out the following steps:

    • Insert the gas card into the Payzone terminal

    • Select "Card Services"

    • Select "Credit Update"

    • Confirm Transaction

    • A receipt will print off at that stage

  • The "Credit Update" will then have been processed

How do I know I got the Gas Credit Refund?

  • You will see the amount and date in screen 33 when the Gas Credit Refund has been applied to your meter. To get to this screen, insert your card into the Gas Meter and Press the "A" button until you come to screen 33. (See Step 4 above)



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