Gas Emergency Credit

In a situation where you can't Top Up you gas? Don't worry, we've got your back! Gas Emergency Credit Is a €10 advance, paid back from future Top Ups

Step 1: Put gas card into meter, make sure the gold coloured chip on card is facing towards the meter, you'll then see Emergency Credit offered on screen.  

Gas Card Into Meter

Step 2: Press red "A" button to accept  Emergency Credit

gas emergency credit

Step 3: €10 Emergency Credit then added. Remember Emergency Credit has to be repaid before active again.

Emergency Credit Activated

Step 4: Any debt on meter? Press "A" button twice to show how much Emergency Credit has been used. Any arrears will also be shown included in the amount shown.

Gas Owed

Repaying Gas Emergency Credit 

You'll need to have paid back any Gas Emergency Credit you used before its available again. Find out how Gas Emergency Credit is repaid here. 


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