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Why choose PrepayPower?

PrepayPower is Ireland’s first and largest dedicated Pay As You Go electricity and gas provider - that makes us Ireland's leading experts. 

We install a Smart Control System in your home allowing you to see exactly how much electricity and credit you are using at any time.
You simply top it up as you need to, just like a mobile phone.
With PrepayPower you’ll have one less bill to worry about!

Over 155,000 homes have already switched to PrepayPower.

Call us today on 1800 910 010 to find out how you too can monitor, control and save** on the electricity or gas you use.

5 Reasons to Switch

  1. One Less Bill to Worry About - Pay-as-you-go electricity & gas
  2. Free Installation - No set-up fees and hassle free installation at a time that suits you. 
  3. Peace of Mind - Even if you run out of credit, you won’t be switched off during evenings or weekends.  Plus €10 emergency credit if you do run out.
  4. Handy Top-up Options - Just top up like a mobile phone: Online, In-Store or by Phone.
  5. Total Control - Monitor, reduce and save on your energy usage.

Top 5 Questions About PrepayPower

How Long Does It Take to Install?

It takes just 40 minutes and our RECI/ECSSA qualified engineer will give you a demonstration on how easy it is to use.

What If I have An Outstanding Balance With My Current Supplier?

Start afresh with PrepayPower - and you deal separately with your current supplier.

How Will I Know If my Credit’s About to Run Out?

Should you get a low balance, our Smart Prepay Keypad will alert you and give you plenty of time to top up. Plus, we’ll give you €10 emergency credit to carry you over until you top up again- now isn’t that smart? And what’s more, we’ll never discontinue service in the evenings or at weekends.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are no set-up fees. We charge the same government PSO levy as other electricity suppliers of 24.33 cent per day. There is also a prepayment service charge of 37.5 cent per day which helps us avoid charging you any set-up fees or deposits. Estimated Annual Bill is €1295.51 inc. VAT. Subject to a minimum contract period. More information. All information correct as of May 2021.

How Do I Top Up?

There are three ways to top up:

  1. Online at www.prepaypower.ie/topup.
  2. At any shop displaying the PayPoint or Payzone logo.
  3. By calling our dedicated Top Up line and using your debit or credit card.
  4. On our Mobile App, available on Android or iPhone.

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