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Property Professionals

Approved Housing Bodies, PRS developments and Local Authorities

Taking control of your energy has never mattered more

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Property Professionals, including Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) Local Authorities/Councils, Managing Agents, and PRS developments, require an energy supplier that can efficiently and sustainably manage their utility needs while supporting their ambitious ESG Objectives. 

With over a decade of experience working with professional landlords, we are dedicated to delivering 100% renewable energy solutions*, along with transparent and comprehensive reporting on scale all applicable with GRESB and other ESG reporting platforms. Our top priority is to provide our clients and their residents with both value for money and environmentally friendly options. 

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As Ireland's premier smart metering prepay utility supplier, PrepayPower boasts an extensive network of over 260,000 meter points nationwide. By installing our innovative smart pay as you go meter, you can take the first step towards achieving your sustainability goals by measuring utility consumption. 

Rest assured that our consistent and sustainable value standard tariffs are guaranteed. We achieve this through our advanced hedging capabilities, ensuring that your residents enjoy excellent low tariffs. 

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How PrepayPower can help you as a Landlord

  1. Lower vacancy costs  

  2. Discounted common area supply  

  3. Certifiable green energy production with Irish Wind Farms* 

  4. Better customer care for landlords through a dedicated account services team  

  5. Easier admin – no reconciliations required, resident proof of occupancy etc. 

  6. ESB Energisation reporting from construction stage 


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How PrepayPower can help your residents

  1. Welcome Credit upon registration**  

  2. Easy to use app – top up your account – winter saving plan – energy insights  

  3. Better control of costs and managing budgets  

  4. No Bills or high deposits  

  5. Low tariff†

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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do together

All our services are underpinned by our four pillars of sustainability: AnalyseSupport, Reduce and Save Time.   

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At PrepayPower our smart meter updates every hour, allowing you to effectively track energy consumption throughout your entire portfolio. This valuable information enables you to minimise waste and optimise performance. 

Your landlord portal consolidates all your accounts, usage data, and transaction history in one centralised location. Enabling you to measure your energy consumption at scale. You can effortlessly download your data for further examination and easily identify anomalies, such as unusually high energy usage. 

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At PrepayPower, we are committed to assisting you in achieving your sustainability goals. We offer 100% certified renewable green energy*. Our energy is sourced exclusively from Irish wind farms, thanks to our distinctive long-term power purchase agreements. 

In addition to wind energy, we actively support community renewable projects, including solar and PV installations. We accomplish this by purchasing any excess power generated on-site at residential properties. This collaborative approach not only benefits the environment but also encourages the growth of renewable energy initiatives within local communities. 

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To help you reduce energy consumption, we offer free installation of our pay-as-you-go smart meters. These meters are seamlessly integrated with our app, which provides your residents with valuable guides and tips to encourage energy-saving habits. 

By leveraging our app, your residents can actively work towards reducing their energy usage. We are proud to share that, on average, our customers achieve savings of 8%‡ on their energy consumption within the first year of using our supply, leading to both cost savings and a more sustainable future. 

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Save time

At PrepayPower, we understand the value of your time. That's why we assign a dedicated account manager to assist you and your residents on a daily basis. This personalised support ensures a smooth and efficient experience throughout your energy management journey. 

To further streamline your operations, we eliminate energy costs during void periods. This means you won't have to worry about unnecessary expenses when properties are unoccupied. Additionally, we take care of the administrative burden, even during tenancy changes, lifting the weight off your shoulders. 

By entrusting us with your energy needs, you can save valuable time and focus on other essential aspects of property management, confident in the knowledge that our dedicated team is there to provide reliable and hassle-free service. 


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Head of Residential Business Sales

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Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Graham McCann

Business Development Manager

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Senior Account Manager

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* Subject to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities Green Source Product Verification process. Our 100% green fuel mix will be depicted on our customers annual statements from Q4 2023.  Certifiable green energy production with Irish Wind Farms. **Welcome credit is available to new customers only and is subject to a 12-month minimum commitment. Welcome credits signify a rebate offered by the company to you the customer. They are offered at the sole discretion of the company. If you avail of the rebate you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and any rebate availed of by you may be withdrawn by the company if you terminate your agreement within the Initial Period from the date of commencement.  † Switching to PrepayPower is subject to a minimum initial period of 12 months. A termination fee is payable if the contract is terminated by you during the initial period, see and refer to Schedule of charges for details. Unit rate, Standing and Prepayment service charges apply. See for full details of our pricing. Price is subject to change. For all Estimated Annual Bill information and for all PrepayPower tariffs,see Estimated Annual Bill is €1,918.71 inc. VAT All information correct as of 01/04/24. ‡ Study of 2,202 PrepayPower customers, from 2021- 2022 decreased their consumption by a median of 8.3% one year after switching to PrepayPower.