Pay As You Go Electricity

It’s as simple as it sounds. With PrepayPower, you just prepay for your electricity. There are no bills!

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Why Should I Switch to Pay As Yo Go Electricity?

It lets you take total control of your electricity costs

Switch to prepay and pay for your electricity as you use it

You can say goodbye to electricity bills

No more surprise bills means peace of mind because you always know where you stand

It gives you the power to save

Track your energy usage and monitor your spend, so you know where to save

Our customer support team are 100% here for you

We are Ireland's highest rated energy supplier on Trustpilot*, ready to help you if you need it

We'll treat you to welcome credit** when you switch

Energy Your Way

Did you know that you can choose between Classic Pay and Smart Pay?

Call 1800 844 511 and find out which is right for you.

Take Control
How Does Prepaid Electricity Work?

Prepaid electricity gives you full control over how much you spend on electricity.

Simply pay for the power you need, when you need it. Top up online, in our app or in any Payzone outlet nationwide.

PrepayPower Smart Pay App
Why You’ll Love the PrepayPower App
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See how much energy you're using

You'll be in total control of your energy costs

Track your daily and weekly spend

Helping you stay on top of your energy spend and make savings

Pay for your energy as you use it

No more surprise bills, simply pay as you go

Easy Top Up

Top up in a tap, anywhere, anytime

Smart Pay
Take Control of Your Energy Costs Today

When you can see how much energy you're using and how much you’re spending, it’s easier to cut back and save.

It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint too!

Call 1800 844 511 to switch

Save With Prepay Electricity

We provide you with the real life data on how much electricity you are using which helps you control the cost. With the PrepayPower app, you can see:

How much you are spending daily, weekly, monthly

What time of the day you use the most electricity

If you are spending more or less than a typical day or week

By having access to this information you will be able to plan and reduce your electricity consumption and cut the costs!

Switching to Prepay Electricity Is Easy

Get your MPRN ready (you’ll find it on your energy bill)

Give us a call on 1800 844 511 or fill in the Switch Form

Relax while we contact your old supplier to complete the switch

Switchers, We’re Ready When You Are!

Call 1800 844 511


General Electricity Offer – 12 month contract

*Welcome credit is available to new customers only and is subject to a 12-month minimum commitment. Switching to PrepayPower is subject to a minimum initial period of 12 months. A termination fee is payable if the contract is terminated by you during the initial period, see www.prepaypower.ie/termsandconditions and refer to Schedule of charges for details. Unit rate, Standing and Prepayment service charges apply. See www.prepaypower.ie/why-switch/pricing for full details of our pricing. Price is subject to change. Welcome credits signify a rebate offered by the company to you the customer. They are offered at the sole discretion of the company. If you avail of the rebate you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and any rebate availed of by you may be withdrawn by the company if you terminate your agreement within the Initial Period from the date of commencement. For the Full list of T&C’s including Fuel Mix Disclosure, www.prepaypower.ie/termsandconditions. For all Estimated Annual Bill information and for all PrepayPower tariffs, see www.prepaypower.ie/why-switch/pricing/rates. Estimated Annual Bill is €1551.46 inc. VAT. All information correct as of 22/10/2021.