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The PrepayPower app Monthly Forecast is your crystal ball for pay-as-you-go electricity.
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PrepayPower will reduce prepaid gas and electricity prices by 13.5% and 12.8% respectively from November 1st.
Top Tips for Saving Money on Electricity
Discover how the PrepayPower app Savings feature helps you manage and control energy costs year-round.
Household appliances that use the most energy
If you too, are trying to cut back on your energy costs, our team at PrepayPower have pulled together a comprehensive list outlining the five…
Building an energy efficient home
We all want to save money on our energy bills and it’s possible with the right ideas and upgrades. It all comes down to understanding where most of…
It is always good to know you can contact us via the PrepayPower online support form or on our online chat and one of our friendly agents will get in…
A gas leak is a common fear for any person using gas as an energy source. However, it’s good to know that gas leaks can be easily handled in most…
Winter Electricity Saving Tips Ireland
With the Irish summer now a distant memory, and the colder days looming closer, we’re all starting to think about ways we can save on our energy bill…
Dual Fuel
With us you can choose between electricity or dual fuel, which is basically electricity and gas in one package
How Much Energy Do You Use?
Whether it’s electricity or gas, knowing how much energy you use and more importantly how you use it, can help to save money and the environment.
What Is The Cost of Electricity In Ireland?
If you are concerned about the cost of your electric bill in Ireland, it could be very helpful for you to understand the price of electricity and the…
Standby power is the small increments of electricity that certain appliances in the home consume day by day, minute by minute as they sit and wait to…
Prepaid electricity allows customers instant management and control of their electricity consumption and spending. The real life data allows…
Top Tips for Saving Money on Electricity
Our control system is really smart and efficient. By bringing you complete transparency to your electricity usage and cost, it allows you to be in…
How to Switch Electricity Suppliers?
Switching electricity suppliers is a very simple process, you won’t need to go running around the house for a handful of documents.
Pay As You Go Electricity - Is it for You?
Not sure what prepaid electricity is? With prepaid electricity you purchase the electricity before you use it, ensuring that you cannot use more…
How does Prepaid Electricity Work
Prepaid electricity is a great alternative to receiving bills for your energy. It helps you take control of your electricity usage. Simply put, you…
5 Benefits of Choosing PrepayPower As Your Electricity & Gas Company
At PrepayPower, we offer a way to pay for your gas and electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis.