Winter Electricity Saving Tips Ireland

May 10, 2021

Winter Electricity Saving Tips Ireland

Get Ready for Winter - Electricity tips to save during winter

With the Irish summer now a distant memory, and the colder days looming closer, we’re all starting to think about ways we can save on our energy bill. It helps you save money if you know when and how to use electricity properly. With that in mind, here are some of our top tips so you can start saving money today.


Use energy-efficient products

Simply changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs can make a significant difference. They bring you a much more appealing soft light, not to mention you will consume a lot less energy. And since the nights are longer during the winter, you will end up consuming more electricity during that time. The same thing applies to devices as well. Buying energy-efficient devices will help you as well.


Unplug items that you’re not using

We always recommend that you keep on electric devices that you want to use at the time. Some people have freezers that they only use sparingly. If you’re not going using the unit during the winter, it makes a lot of sense to unplug it. It makes no sense to have everything plugged all day, you are wasting energy! As you start doing this more and more, you will create a habit and notice you are saving money on your electricity bill during winter.


Use automated switches

These motion sensor switches will automatically turn off lights once no movement is detected in the room. They use a very small amount of energy whilst in standby mode compared to leaving all your lights on, many of them have timers too. They are a great idea for rooms with medium or low traffic where you might not notice if the lights have been accidentally left on for extended periods of time such as bathrooms.


Use the heating wisely

Depending on the method of heating you’re using, you can adjust your habits to help save money on your heating bill. With central heating, the biggest issue with is radiators is that they are not being used efficiently. Remember, you can switch off the radiators in the rooms you are not using, which in turn can lower your energy bill drastically. A good habit is to check your radiators monthly to ensure they are working properly and reaching their maximum temperature. If your radiators are lukewarm, there may be trapped air which needs to be bled.


Manage your thermostat

One of the most common and easy tips is to adjust your thermostat. Turning down the thermostat just a couple of degrees can make a significant impact on saving money on your energy bill. You can set a lower temperature especially if you’re not at home during the day. Or you can invest in a remotely controlled (Wi-Fi based) thermostat that you can effortlessly adjust when you are out of your home. This way you can be sure that you’re not wasting energy, yet your house is still warm when you get home.


Inspect your insulation

Not only the wall and attic insulation but your windows and doors too. Hot air from inside the room can leak out if a room is poorly insulated leaving your room much colder. Good insulation can help you save you a fortune on your heating bill.

Our first advice to for you is to the seals on your doors and windows, as well as the insulation in your walls, attic and around attic doors. You may need to get more insulation or to replace the insulation that is already there. Perhaps investing in A-rated double or triple glaze windows will save you money in the long run. Around 20% of the winter electric bill is heat loss and that’s something to think about!


Insulate the chimney

An unused chimney can waste a lot of heat, but thankfully there’s a way to insulate it. A chimney balloon is essentially an inflatable insulator you insert in the chimney flue pipe. This will help contain heat and prevent any drafts in the room.


Close your doors

Simply shutting the doors helps insulate the room and plays a huge part in preventing the hot air from leaking out. With rooms that are not being used, the doors should remain closed as there's no point heating those areas.


Optimize energy consumption for your PC

A lot of people tend to stay on the computer and enjoy all kinds of videos and online content during the winter. What you want to do is shut down the computer when it’s not in use or if you have a laptop don’t leave on charge all night. On top of that, you can also enable the energy saving modes on your computer or laptop. Every tiny detail matters and if you use your computer a lot during the winter, this can save some energy for you as well.


Switch to PrepayPower

Finally, the best advice we can give is to switch to PrepayPower. Our pay as you go electricity and gas services will help you lower your energy bill. With the use of our app you can always easily monitor your homes energy consumption. Our app provides you with complete transparency of your energy usage, so you can see the top appliances using energy in your household. You will always be in total control of your energy usage so you can save on the electricity you use.

By using the smart data available in our app along with following the simple tips above you can start saving on your energy bills today. We recommend you try to use as many of these tips as you can if you want to avoid wasting energy during winter. Our tips will help you have everything under control while also saving money!