May 10, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Prepaid Electricity Meters

Prepaid electricity allows customers instant management and control of their electricity consumption and spending. The real life data allows customers to see exactly how much electricity their using and what it really cost.

Read our guide to discover if a prepaid meter is right for you.

Switching Over to Prepaid Electricity

Switching from your current electricity provider is simple and not as complicated as you may think. We ensure it hassle free by handling all aspects of the switch-over on our end. We contact your existing supplier about the change.

Issues Customers associate with Prepaid Electricity

There is no cost involved in setting up the prepaid meter. The installation of the meter is free and on average takes an hour to install in your home. Our free friendly credit hours ensure you never be cut off in the evenings or weekends.  We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients have electricity in their home during the peak times. Simply top up at your early convenience and the electricity used during these times will be deducted from your next top up.

Where can I buy credit to top up 

There is a variety of ways to top up your electricity. Credit can be purchased online, on our website, via our app, the phone or at any payzone. To avail of topping up at the shop, you will need to bring your customer card with you.

Our new Smart Pay app is available on Android or iPhone and allows customers the option to keep track of their electricity on their phone or tablet. The app was designed to benefit our customers who are busy by keeping up to date at all times. The app comes with an ‘Auto Top-Up’ option. You simply choose a minimum balance, and once your meter reaches that amount you will be automatically topped up.

What are the benefits of Prepaid Energy?

More Control 

You have complete control over your electricity usage and energy costs. As well as information on energy consumption being displayed in real time, you can view how much energy you’ve used and which appliances are using the most electricity. This information is completely transparent meaning you can alter your electricity usage based on the numbers you see before you. 

Save Money on Energy 

Prepaid electricity allows you to see in real time exactly how much energy you’ve consumed. The information is up-to-date and allows you to see when the cheapest times of the day are to use electricity and which appliance is costing you the most. 

Having access to this information may make you think twice about running the washing machine during the most expensive time of the day or boiling the kettle every half hour, all helping you to save money on your electricity. 

Reduce Carbon Emissions 

The data provided by our meters will allow your household to become energy efficient and also the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

How Does Our PAYG service work?

Your PrepayPower keypad is super smart and gives you complete transparency on your energy costs, meaning you’re in total control.

If you are a current PrepayPower customer and wish to get more clarity into how you can monitor your usage, take a look at these buttons on your keypad: 

  • Button 1: Based on the previous week’s usage, this button shows the number of days credit left. However, it’s important to note that your usage may vary from week to week and will obviously be higher during the winter months, so you may use more or less than this estimate.&
  • Button 2: It displays how much electricity you’ve used in the past. 
    • Day (2) 
    • Week (2.2) 
    • Month (2.2.2) 
  • Button 6: Displays how much electricity you are currently using and is measured in Kilowatts (Kwh). This function can also be used to help you work out how much electricity each appliance is using.  
    • Although our customers are most interested in the above buttons on our keypads, other useful buttons include:  
  • Button 3: Shows you the unit rates and the number of units used 
  • Button 5: Total credit/money entered into the meter
  • Button 9: Total units used

If you’re interested in switching to PrepayPower today, why not give our sales team a call on 1800 989 517. Check also 10 most frequent questions from our customers.