I've lost my Prepay Gas Card?

You can buy new cards at any Payzone Outlet. If you're getting a replacement Gas Card, any previous cards will not work. Unused credit on previous Gas Cards may be claimed by contacting PrepayPower.

Natural Gas Card

Where do I buy a Prepay Gas Card?

You'll get a Prepay Gas Card with your meter. Please look after your Gas Card as you will be charged for a replacement. Replacement cards can be purchased at any Payzone Outlets. If you are using a replacement Gas Card, any previous cards will not work in the meter.

Natural Gas Card

What do I do with my new Gas Card?

When you get your new Gas Card or you buy a new card at a Payzone outlet and BEFORE you buy credit you MUST Insert your card into the meter and leave it there for at least 15 seconds. Then, remove the Gas Card and bring it to a Payzone outlet to purchase credit by handing over the Gas Card. When credit has been purchased insert card into meter and press button "A".

Gas Card Into Meter

How to put card into meter?

When putting the card into the meter, make sure the gold coloured chip on card is facing towards the meter

Gas Card Into Meter

Display says "Card Not Accepted"

If your meter shows 'CARD NOT ACCEPTED' when the card is inserted, please make sure you are using the most recent purchased card for your meter.

Display says "Card Fail"

If your meter displays 'CARD FAIL' when card inserted, check surface of card is clean. Re-insert card, making sure gold coloured chip is facing towards the meter display. If you are using replacement/new card, any previous cards will not work in the meter.

Top Up Credit not added?

After inserting your gas card and pressing the red button A. If display shows 0.00, you will need to return to the shop where you purchased the credit as the card has not been credited correctly


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