How do you Top Up your Gas Meter:

Step 1: Bring your Gas Card to Payzone Shop & buy Top Up Credit. Find out more about Gas Cards here.

Natural Gas Card

Step 2: Put into Card Slot.  Make sure the gold coloured chip on the card is facing towards the gas meter display

Gas Card Into Meter

Step 3: The display will show you the value of the credit on your gas card.  Press the 'A' button to transfer credit and to see your updated Credit Balance

  • Any debt on your meter, for example Emergency Credit? This will be taken from the Top Up. To find out more about Gas Emergency Credit visit this page.

Gas Top Up Amount

Step 4: If you were in a Negative Balance then the Gas Meter display will show 'OFF'. You need to press and hold the 'A' button again, to turn the gas back ON

Gas Off on Meter Display

Summer Months:

We recommend you keep topping up your Gas to cover standing charges. You probably won't be using as much gas, but by topping up you'll have a pool of credit for Winter months, when you'll be using more. 

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