Winter Savings Guide

We all face an uncertain winter. But with PrepayPower, one thing will remain certain: complete control of your electricity costs.

Because you never have to worry about bills, estimates or nasty surprises. Instead, you get to pay as you go in smaller amounts and always know exactly how much you’re spending every day

You can also track your energy usage – with your meter or your app – and use this information to cut back and save. Even during those cold, dark months!

But you can never be too prepared for winter, so here’s your…

Winter Savings Guide (Checklist and Tips)

We've put together a checklist and lots of handy household tips to help you mange your electricity use and control your costs:

Take Control

Monitor your hourly, daily and weekly usage and keep a close eye on your costs.

Compare your usage each week and make sure you're not spending more than you need to.

Remember you've got €20 Emergency Credit to tide you over if you can't top up.

Don't forget you can't lose power 23 hours a day and all weekend thanks to our Friendly Credit Hours.

Read our energy saving tips (below) and put them into practice ASAP.

Our Top Tips


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