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  • Just a 1° drop in your temperature setting can lead to a 10% reduction in your heating bill!

  • If your thermostat is set to more than 20° then it’s too high

  • You weren’t born in a barn, close the doors behind you!

  • Make sure that you or your landlord gets your heating system serviced once a year.

  • Feel a draught inside? Plug them when you can, pull the curtains closed, use a draft excluder.



  • Lights can use up to 11% of your annual energy costs.

  • If you’re using older light bulbs swap them out for energy efficient LED or CFL bulbs. CFL bulbs are 80% more efficient than regular bulbs and last significantly longer.

  • Select the lowest wattage bulb you can that will light the space to your requirements. 

  • Turn them off when you leave the room. 


  • Most TVs are quite energy efficient, but you can still save money by not leaving them on stand-by and turning them off at the mains at night or off fully when not using them.

  • The bigger the TV, the more electricity it uses, do you really need the 52”? 

  • The brighter the screen the more energy you’re using, why not try turning down the brightness a bit?

  • Even the most efficient 60” television is still more expensive to run per year against the lowest rated 32” television. Choosing a smaller television generally means choosing a more efficient television.



  • Charge your phone before you go to bed, don’t leave it charging all night long! 


Computers/Games Consoles

  • Just like your TV, when you're not using them, turn them off fully, and turn them off at the mains at night.

  • The brighter the screen the more energy you’re using, why not try turning down the brightness a bit?

  • Laptops are designed to be more efficient than their desktop big brothers. So why not go for a laptop instead of a bigger desktop P.C.? Better still, go for a tablet for even more energy efficiency!

Electric Scooters

  • Enjoy scooting around town? You could be using up to 200KWH every year charging your scooter, this could be costing you around €35 a year, can you charge the scooter at work during the day? Or what about getting a push bike instead? 


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