Fridge Freezers

  • Get yourself a fridge thermometer. 5° Is the perfect temperature for your fridge. Any lower, and you’re wasting money!

  • Make sure not to overpack your fridge either. Some items like tomatoes and eggs don’t need to go in the fridge and can free up space for items that do. Click here for tips on managing your fridge storage.

  • Close the door! Can’t decide what to eat? For every 10-20 seconds you keep the door open it can take 45min for the fridge to cool down to its set temperature

  • Don’t put hot food into the fridge or freezer either. It will have to work harder to get the temperature back down.

  • If you can see a build-up of frost or ice in your fridge/freezer you need to clean it out. These build ups can cause them to be less efficient. So, defrost them regularly!

Cookers - Ovens - Hobs

  • If your dinner is nearly cooked, then turn off the oven/ring and let the leftover heat finish the work for you.

  • Cover your pots and pans with a lid, this keeps the heat in the pot and stops you wasting energy.

  • Don’t use a bigger pot than you need to.

  • Microwaves and toasters are better than Ovens and grills.

  • If you are using the oven then don’t keep opening the door, you’re just letting the heat out.

Dishwashers & Kettles

  • Have a look to see if your dishwasher has a more energy efficient eco cycle that you can use.

  • If you’ve got a day/night meter, then why not put on your dish washer to start after 11pm when you’re paying cheaper rates

  • If you’re only making 1 cup of tea then you don’t need to fill the kettle to the top! The more water in it, the more it’s costing you to boil!


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