Received an error message entering a Powercode?

When Classic Pay customers enter a Powercode on their keypads they'll get a message saying either Accepted or Rejected.



Accepted: You'll hear a 'happy' tone, amount of Top Up will show on screen and you'll see the balance on your meter

Keypad Powercode Accepted

Rejected: You'll hear a 'sad' tone followed by error message. Click on the message you got for more support: Duplicate, NoComms, KblockWrong TarIncorrect, Error or Rejected. If you don't find the information you need below you can Contact Us here 

Keypad Powercode Rejected


Powercode was already entered into meter. Press 4 on keypad to show last five digits of the last used Powercode. Check your Top Up history in the App.

Duplicate Error Message


This could mean that you have purchased a top up using the incorrect card or PAN. Check the PAN on your receipt.

Keypad Powercode Rejected


Powercode incorrectly entered five times in a row. Wait a few minutes and try again.  

Keypad K Block


You have missed a number or entered the Powercode too slowly. Press * on Keypad to go back and enter it again. 


The Powercode has been entered incorrectly. Press * on Keypad to go back and re-enter your code

Wrong Tar

There was a meter software change, enter the 40 or 60 digit Powercode you received when you topped up. 


Keypad has lost connection with main meter. Plug out and back in keypad. This should take 5-10 minutes to update. 

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