PrepayPower app Savings feature

The quick and easy way to save for your pay-as-you-go energy and broadband

About the Savings feature

Budgeting for your pay-as-you-go energy and broadband has never been easier. With the Savings feature, it only takes a few taps of your PrepayPower app to save.  

You can set aside as much as you want, whenever you want, and build a nest egg for future top-ups. The Savings feature is exclusively available to our SmartPay+ customers. 

Why save? 

Two reasons: comfort and control (you can never have too much of either).

  1. Saving gives you the comfort of knowing you can always top up when your balance runs low. 

  1. And saving gives you even more control over your electricity, oil and broadband costs. 


Savings Tool

How to save

You can access the Savings feature from the menu on the home screen of your app.

It gives you two easy ways to save: 

  • Savings Routine: Set a day and amount to automatically save every week. 

  • Once-Off Savings: Put a little extra away anytime, anywhere.  

It's just like topping up! 

You can even use the same payment card registered to your PrepayPower account when you add to your Savings.

Add money to Savings

Topping up with your Savings

Learn to top up your account balance using your Savings in this quick guide.

Reminder: You can only use your Savings for PrepayPower top-ups.  

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Savings Tool