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Smart Pay Meters allow you to manage all aspects of your Prepay Power meter directly from your Mobile Phone.

How do I know if I have a Smart Pay Meter?

  1. Your Prepay Smart meter will look like the picture here. You can see a blue “A” button and the red “B” button.
  2. Your account number will begin with 9826176066
  3. You can see your Credit Balance on the Mobile App
  4. You dont need to enter your top up codes directly on the meter. Credit is added automatically when bought in our Mobile App, online in the shop or over the phone.

How is Top Up Credit put onto my meter?

When you buy a top up credit for your Prepay Power smart meter it's automatically put onto your meter in. If that doesn’t happen? You can still add your top up credit directly to the meter by typing in your code.
  • There’s lots of ways to find your top up code! You can see them in your Mobile app (last 5 codes), online here, by chatting online with us using the yellow chat button on the bottom right of this screen or by calling on 0818 323 920
  • In the Mobile App, click on the "History" button and then on the Top Up Credit in question to get the code.
  • Then, simply press the “A” button on the meter, enter in the code and press the “B” button, and the top up credit is added to the meter immediately.
  • Always make sure its safe for you to access your meter before doing so.

What if I lost Power before I bought a top up?

There are multiple ways to restore your power immediately once you have bought a top up credit and are in a positive balance. Always remember to check it is safe to restore power before you do so.
  • You can do it in our Mobile App. You will be asked if it’s safe to restore power and can do so at the press of a button.
  • You can call us on 0818 323 920 and we can restore power for you over the phone. You’ll need to confirm to us it is safe to restore power.
  • You can restore power directly on your meter by pressing the “A” button to wake up meter and then the “B” button to confirm.
  • Still No Power? Call us for support and we can have an Electrician to you on the same day if needed.
  • Always make sure it’s safe for you to access your meter before doing so.


What else can you do in your Mobile App account?

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  • Restore your power
  • Receive Balance Alerts
  • View Top Up history/codes
  • View your usage & consumption
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