Gas Troubleshooting

Step 1: Check you have credit on your meter by pressing button A once. If you do not have credit buy Top Up credit.


Prepay Gas Meter

Step 2: If you do have credit, check with GNI to see if there's a planned outages in your area. Confirm the display message on your meter. 


  • "CALL HELP" - There may be a problem with your meter.  Please call Gas Networks Ireland Support: 1800 464 464

  • "CARD FAIL" – Wipe Card & try inserting it again

  • "CARD NOT ACCEPTED" – Incorrect Card in use

Call help gas meter

Step 3: If you have credit and your gas meter says "ON", but you are still not getting supply, check your Gas appliances as they may need to be serviced. Contact Gas Networks Ireland – Support 1800 464 464

Gas Balance