What are the PrepayPower app functions?

You'll love the PrepayPower app! In it, you can Top Up, Check your balance, see your Top Up history, get Low Balance Alerts, activate Emergency Credit, Check your usage, set up Auto Top Ups and Restore Power. Download the app here. 

Top Up: You can Top Up in the App. Find out how here.

Select Amount App

Check your Balance: Smart Pay customers can check their Balance in the app. Find out how here. 



Balance Screen

Check Top Up History: You can see the last 20 Top Ups you made, and their Powercodes, in the app. Find out how here.


Power code history app screen

Balance Alerts: Smart Pay customers will get Low Balance alerts reminding them they need to Top Up. Find out more here.



Low Balance Alert Notification

Activate Emergency Credit: Smart Pay customers can activate Emergency Credit if they're not able to Top Up. Find out how here.



Activate Emergency Credit App

Check your usage: Smart Pay customers are able to see their electricity usage in the app. 



app image

Auto Top Up: Never forget to Top Up again! Set a balance you don't want to drop below and your credit will Top Up automatically by an amount you set!

Auto Top Up

Restore Power: Smart Pay customers are able to restore power in the app, once they either Top Up or activate Emergency Credit. Find out how here.



Restore Power Prompt


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