Your PrepayPower Account Number:

The PrepayPower Account Number is the 19 digit number printed on the front of your PrepayPower top-up card.

This number is useful as it provides you with the ability to top-up your meter, even if you do not have your card with you, and can be used conveniently on the PrepayPower app, online, and in the shops to credit your meter.

You can find your PrepayPower Account Number in the following places:

  • Printed on the front of your PrepayPower top-up card/s
  • Printed on Page 1 of your PrepayPower Account Statement
  • Registered on the PrepayPower mobile application after you have signed up for this feature
  • Registered on your online account after you have signed up for this feature
  • On your top up receipt
  • If you have lost your card you can still top up at any Payzone outlet. Just quote the mobile number registered to your account at the till!

If you have any doubt of what your account number is, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following link by submitting a general enquiry and requesting that we provide you with your account number, an account statement, or a replacement card!

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