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5 Benefits of Choosing PrepayPower As Your Electric & Gas Company

If you are considering choosing PrepayPower as both a prepaid electricity and gas company, there are a huge number of benefits in doing so. At PrepayPower, we offer a way to pay for your gas and electricity on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means that you only pay for exactly the amount of gas and electricity that you use. Our team of experts will come at a time that suits you and install a home electricity meter for free in your home. You can then top up your balance as necessary, similar to how you would top up the balance on a pay-as-you-go phone. A prepay meter can be a useful tool for taking control of your electricity usage and managing energy costs. While there are many, our team has outlined the top 5 benefits of switching to PrepayPower.

5 Benefits or Prepaid Electricity and Gas:

  1. Less bills to worry about
  2. Easy top-up options
  3. Quick & efficient installation
  4. The PrepayPower App
  5. Control over your electricity usage

1. Less bills to worry about

Nobody loves bills. Particularly bills that can vary so much depending on month-on-month use. At the end of every month, we all have a large number of bills to pay. With phone bills, car insurance, mortgage or rent, credit card bills, broadband bills and more to fork out for on the last day of each month, it’s no wonder so many people jump at the opportunity to get rid of two altogether. With PrepayPower, you’ll have two less bills to worry about with pay-as-you-go electricity and gas. Less bills equals less stress and more control. Win-win!

2. Easy top-up options

Topping up your PrepayPower account is a straightforward, hassle-free process. Our customers can top up by downloading our mobile app, on our website or even in your local shop. All account holders can register their card details to make topping up even easier. Just login and top up with one tap. There is also an option on our website to top-up on a once off basis. This can be useful if someone is staying in your home while you are away, or if you anticipate the total consumption to be higher in a particular month.

3. Quick & efficient installation

For many people, the process of installing an electricity and gas meter may seem like a job that would take hours. Though for our team of experts, the average time for installation is just 60 minutes. For all new PrepayPower customers, installation is both quick and efficient. When you switch to our dual fuel bundle, you will choose a date for installation that is convenient for you. All of our installers are fully qualified electricians and perform a number of checks before commencing installation. Your installer will discuss positioning of the meter and keypad to ensure that you are happy before any works begin. Every customer is given a tutorial on how to top up and monitor usage using the keypad. At PrepayPower, we also provide a welcome pack which includes two top up cards, along with some tips and advice about the service.

4. The PrepayPower app

The PrepayPower multi-functional app is a huge benefit for any customers who choose us as their electric and gas company. The app can be downloaded on either Google Play or the App Store. One great function is the notification service. The PrepayPower app will send a notification to your phone letting you know when you need to top up due to a low balance or providing confirmation when your top up has been successful. There are three key functions offered on the app: One tap top up, safe and secure payments and usage monitoring. Usage monitoring is a beneficial tool so you can monitor your electricity consumption and can cut back where necessary.

5. Control over your electricity usage

Following on from the app benefits, with Prepay, you get full control over your spending and can monitor your electricity costs in real-time. We even provide you with a list of appliances and devices that are your homes highest consumers. This data clearly enables you to be aware of which device contributes the most to your energy consumption. In this way, you can adjust and reduce your energy consumption as it suits you. Switching to PrepayPower ensures you are always in control over your dual fuel usage and won’t end up with an unexpected bill at the end of the month. Above all, we pride ourselves on consumer awareness and control.

How to switch electricity & gas provider

Above are just five of the great benefits that come with switching to the PrepayPower pay-as-you-go electricity and gas. Switching electricity and gas providers and joining PrepayPower is simple and can be done in just three steps:

Step 1: Sign up online or contact us

Step 2: Arrange a time for installation

Step 3: Start using electricity and gas, plus you’ll even get Welcome credit!


We look forward to chatting to you about your switch today!