Priority & Special Services Registration

You can register as a Vulnerable Customer if you or someone living in your household are critically dependent on electrically powered equipment for independent living. Likewise, you can register for our priority services due to advanced aged (66 or over) or for reasons of physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health.

Please complete the online form below to register as a Vulnerable Customer and/or nominate a third-party representative to manage your PrepayPower account. You can also download the form here and email it to Or call 0818 919 487 to request a paper form and stamped addressed envelope.

Important Information: Your doctor may be asked to provide evidence of your use of the electrical equipment listed below. Please find our Vulnerable Customer Codes of Practice.
Your Address
Do you have any of the following Life Support Machines?
Oxygen Concentrator
Personal Suction Pump
Peg Tube Feeding Pump
Total Perental Nutrition Machine
Home Dialysis
Do you have any of the following NON Life Support Equipment?
Household Lift
Stair Chair
Electric Hoist
Electronic Pressure Relieving Mattress
Other (Please Specify Below)
Wheelchair Bound
Artificial Limbs
I am aged 66 or over and live alone, with minors or other elderly people
Sight or Hearing Impaired
Partially Sighted
Hard of Hearing

Alternative Person

If you would like to have an alternative person nominated to manage your account, that's no problem at all! Simply fill in their details below. We'll send them a message then to confirm they're nominated to manage your account. 

How would you like to be contacted?
In completing this form you agree to share this infomration with ESB Networks. This allows ESB Networks to provide you with additional services to suit your customer category.
I have completed form with all relevant information.
I have completed form with all relevant information.