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Buying Top Ups & friendly credit hours

Where can I buy credit to Top Up?

Website: You can top up online by clicking here.

Mobile App: Alternatively, you can top up on the PrePayPower mobile app. Download it on iPhone or Android now.

Local Shop: You can purchase a Top Up credit in 1000's of  Top Up Stores  nationwide. Just look out for stores displaying a PayPoint or Payzone sign.

Phone: You can also top up over the phone by calling our dedicated top up line on 0818 287 287. Lines are open from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm Saturday and 10am to 5pm Sunday.

How do I access my €10 Emergency Credit?

If you don’t have time to top up, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our €10 emergency credit that’ll keep you going until you top up again. 

Should your credit balance go below €3, you will hear a low volume warning sound. Press 0 and # on your keypad to turn off the alarm and to activate your €10 emergency credit.  

This should give you additional time to purchase a top up. This alarm will not sound between 10pm (11pm in Summer) and 8am (9am in Summer).  

This €10 will be deducted from your next top up. 

You can only access your emergency credit in your meter goes below €3. Your meter must be in a positive balance in order to activate your €10 emergency credit. 

When the emergency credit is active, 'SW closed' will display on your keypad.
What about bank holidays?

Bank holidays are normal credit days so you will need to top up as normal. Friendly hours are applied from 5pm Friday to 10am Monday during summer weekends & from 4pm Friday to 9am Monday during winter weekends.

What are the PrePayPower friendly credit hours?

PrePayPower's Friendly Credit Hours promise that we'll never cut you off in the evenings. Therefore, if you run out of credit between 4pm and 9am in Winter or between 5pm and 10am in Summer your supply will not be cut off until the next morning. Also, we will not cut you off on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).

Furthermore, we will not cut you off if you run out of credit from 25th to 27th of December, on the 31st December or on the 1st of January.

However, the amount of electricity you use during these Friendly Credit Hours will be deducted from your next top up so we'd always advise customers to keep themselves in credit to avoid that rush to to Top Up.

How much should I top up by before going on holidays?

We recommend topping up your meter before you go and your keypad can help you determine how much to top up by.

If you're going on holidays, you should add enough credit to cover your daily standing charges, once you have all other appliances switched off for the duration of your trip.

To determine your average Top Up press 2 for the previous days spend, press 22 to see the previous week and 222 to see the previous month. Then simply Top up by your average spend for the time you are away to ensure that you don’t run out of credit.

Make sure that lights and appliances are off before you leave to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

Powercode queries

How do I enter my Powercode?
When you've topped up you will usually receive a 20 digit Powercode. Just input this into your Keypad:

Press* - Then enter your powercode - Then Press#

Don’t worry if you enter it wrong, just press * to go back and try again

Why is the keypad not accepting my Powercode?
If your top up code has been rejected you should see one of the following messages:

'Duplicate' – You have entered this Powercode before and cannot use it again.

‘Incorrect’ – the Powercode has been entered incorrectly. Just press * to go back and re-enter your code.

‘Error’ – you have missed a number or entered the Powercode too slowly.

‘Kblock’ – the Powercode has been incorrectly entered five times in a row. Wait a few minutes and try again.

‘NoComms’ – The Keypad has lost connection with the main meter. Plug it into a different socket. This should take 5 to 10 minutes to update (this applies to plug in DLC meters).

‘Wrong Tar’ – There was a meter configuration change, please enter the special 40 or 60 digit Powercode you received when you topped up.

‘Rejected’ or ‘Error’ – This could mean that you have purchased a top up using the incorrect card or PAN 

I lost the top up voucher with my Powercode, what should I do?

Don’t worry, we can find your Powercode, use our online lookup tool here.

Why have I received a longer Powercode than usual?
Occasionally (usually about once a year) you will receive a code of 40 or 60 digits. These contain additional information for configuration of your meter, for example if the price of electricity changes. Press *, input the entire code & then press #. 
I have referred a friend, when will I receive my €50 Powercode?

When you refer a friend they will receive their credit on the day of installation. You will receive a text with your €50 powercode on the day of their installation. 

It's important that your contact details are correct on our system in order to ensure you receive your code by text and email. If your friend was installed but you haven’t received a powercode, your contact details may not be up to date on our system. Please use our online form or call us to update your details and get your free code.

Top Up troubleshooting

I lost my customer card, how do I get a replacement?

Don’t worry; the card cannot be used with any other meter. Contact us via our online form or call us to report the loss and a replacement card will be arranged for you. A replacement fee may be charged. 

I've been charged a sur-charge on my In-Store Top Up, how can I report this?

You should not be charged any additional fees for in-store top up. If you come across this, please send details of the store via our online form.

How do I check if my credit was applied?
You will see either of the following 2 messages:


As well as a ‘happy’ tone, your top up amount will be displayed followed by the word ‘Account’ and the total credit in your meter. 


You will hear a ‘sad’ tone followed by a fault message. To confirm the last Power Code accepted by the meter, simply press 4 on the keypad and this will provide you with the last five digits of the most recent code entered into the meter. You can then cross reference this with your voucher for confirmation. 

Why is my balance lower than the amount I have just topped up by?

Credit is deducted from your account if you have availed of the €10 emergency credit, or if your credit ran out at night time or at the weekend and you didn’t have time to top up. Your balance may be lower than the amount you topped up by as your meter may have gone into arrears during friendly hours or there may be possible administration charges added to your meter for certain requests made throughout the year.