Vacant Property Process

For Property Professionals with PrepayPower Meters

Step 1Does your property have a PrepayPower meter in situ? If so, it will look like the ones in the pictures here. 


Step 2: Call or Email your account manager. You can also Whatsapp us. 

  • If you have a Classic Pay Meter, remember to have the balance ready so we can help get it cleared. Find out how to do so here.

  • We'll arrange with you to clear the balance on the meter and, if you have a Classic Pay Meter, we'll arrange for a Smart Pay Meter to be installed to give you even more control over your property!

  • No tenant in place? No problem! We'll put your new Smart Pay Meter into a credit mode for the duration of the vacant period so you don't need to worry about Topping Up!

  • Your account manager will invoice you once a month for the electricity used.


Step 3: Once you have a tenant, Call or Email your account manager. You can also Whatsapp us.

  • Give us your new tenants details (with their permission, and we'll set up an account in their name. 

  • They'll arrange to change the meter over to a debit mode. 

  • Your account manager will contact the new resident and run through our service offering; we will also offer a welcome credit should they wish to remain on our supply.


Smart Pay Meter

PrepayPower SmartPay Meter


Classic Pay Meter

PrepayPower ClassicPay Meter


Customer Retention:

Please note there is no obligation for the new resident to stay on our supply, we can simply deactivate our meter should they have a preferred supplier. We monitor our retention rates on our change of tenancy process, and they consistently running at 80%.

Residents enjoy our services over traditional bill pay as we do not charge a high deposit. We enable customers to control their utility spend and the chance to monitor consumption and reduce waste, through smart technology.


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