Lost Power?

If you have lost power in your property, follow the steps below to see why you lost power and how to restore it.

Step 1: Do you have credit? 

You may have lost power because you ran out of Top Up. Find out how to check your balance here. If you have run out of Top Up Credit, find out how to Top Up here.        

Step 2: Local Issue? 

Check with your neighbours to see if they have power. There might be an outage in your area. If they don't have power as well, you'll need to check with ESBN

Step 3: Power Outage in Area?

Check online with ESB Networks for power outages in your area. Check for specific issue with your property using your MPRN number here. 

Step 4: Reset your meter: 

If you have a Smart Pay Meter, press B, A, B on your Meter to see if that restores power. If you have a Classic Pay Meter, press and hold the '0' button directly on the Meter to see if that restores power. Find out if you have a Classic Pay or Smart Pay meter here.

Step 5: Fuse Board: 

Is there a problem with fuse board? Are all fuses in the 'On' position? The switch should be facing upwards. There will also be a main fuse on your board, make sure this switch is facing upwards. Do you smell any burning around the fuse board? This could be a sign that a fuse has blown and needs replacing.

Step 6: ESBN Meter:

Check the ESB Networks (ESBN) meter, usually located in a box outside, to make electricity is coming into your property. If you have an ESBN Smart meter, and there is no display, you should Contact ESB Networks. If you have an older meter with a spinning dial, check to see if it is turning. If it is turning slowly or not turning at all, there could be an issue with your fuse board and/or with ESBN. 

Step 7: Overload Protection: 

If you live in an apartment or a new house you may have an Overload Protection Device, located near your ESBN meter. If there has been power surge/outage in your area, this can 'trip', turning off electricity to your property. There will be one switch on an Overload Protection Device, which should be in an upwards position.


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