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Troubleshooting FAQ

What can I do if my meter displays "locked out" on screen?

If your meter displays 'locked out', this could mean you have entered a power code incorrectly several times and you have now been locked out. Simply wait 15 minutes for the keypad to unlock and you can then continue to use as required

What should I do if my meter displays “Overload” or “No Money”?
OVERLOAD – Press 0 to reconnect, you should hear a click (this may take up to 20 seconds) and power will be restored

NO MONEY - entering a Powercode should restore power

Why is there a red light flashing on my Grey Meter?
This light is completely normal and indicates that there is electricity flowing through the meter.
Why do I need to keep my keypad plugged in?
We have two types of keypads. One has a plug and one does not.If you have a keypad with a plug, you need to keep your keypad plugged in at all times to ensure that the warning alarm goes off when you are running low on credit. If it is plugged out, the alarm won’t go off and you could be disconnected without warning. If your keypad does not have a plug then you have nothing to worry about.
Why are ESB Networks still taking regular meter readings?

It is important to allow ESB to take regular meter readings to ensure that an accurate consumption history is kept for your home. Giving regular meter reads should not affect the topping up of your Prepay Power Meter as you pay for all your electricity as you go, just like a mobile phone.

The bill from my previous supplier seems high; can I query the final meter reading?

Yes, if you feel that you have been excessively billed by your previous electricity provider, simply contact us via our online form with a current meter reading 

I need to contact ESB Networks due to a power outage; how do I reach them?
For faults/emergencies you can contact ESB networks on 1800 372 999.
Why does my MCB Fuse keep tripping?
This usually indicates a short circuit on the customer side. Please contact a registered electrical contractor to rectify this.
There is no power in my property, what should I do?

  • Check your balance
Firstly, check the balance on your keypad – you may have run out of credit. Purchase top up and input the code to turn your power back on.

  • Check if there is a power cut in the area
Check if your neighbours have been affected. This may be the case if there is fault in the electricity distribution network, which may happen for instance during a storm. ESB Networks are responsible for maintaining the distribution network on behalf of all suppliers. Please take a look at:  http://www.esb.ie/esbnetworks/en/safety-environment/power_cut.jsp which gives advice on what to do. Alternatively call their emergency line on 1800 372 999.
  • Check your fuse board 
For your own safety please be careful when dealing with electrical appliances. Do not touch any items that you believe may be faulty whilst they are connected to the electricity supply.

If there is a balance on your keypad, check if all your devices in your home have been affected. If some but not all devices have been impacted it is likely that a fuse has blown. 

If there is power in your home and the grey meter is working, then there may be an issue with your keypad.  If it is just your home that’s affected, your trip switch may have tripped. Your trip switch is usually located in or near your fuse box. Check that it is in the ‘Up’ or ‘On’ position. If visible you should check the isolator switch usually located beside your meter to check that this is still closed.

For your safety, switch off all electrical appliances during a power cut in case power is restored whilst you are asleep or out of the house. Leave one light on so that you will know when the electricity comes back on.

  • Contact a Registered Electrical Contractor 
If there is a balance on your keypad, the trip switch is ‘On’ there is no power cut in the area, and your electricity is still off, you will need to contact a registered electrical contractor to investigate the fault. 

My keypad is blank, what should I do?

If you cannot see a balance on the main meter or on the keypad this means that there is an issue with supply to your home. If can see a balance on the main meter but not the keypad, then it’s likely that there is a problem with the white comms cable.

Check that the thin white comms cable that runs between the grey meter and the white keypad is properly connected. If the keypad remains blank, please call us or contact us via our online form and one our support agents will make contact with you. You can use the main grey meter to top up until the keypad issue is resolved.

2. Handheld/Plug In

If you cannot see a balance on your keypad and the keypad has a switch please switch to the "on" position. Ensure that the keypad is plugged in. You will now see a balance. If no balance appears on the keypad when this is done the battery may be low. If the battery is low please go to the main meter (the grey box) which has been installed beside your distribution board (usually in the hall). Check the balance on this meter. Alternatively, please plug the keypad in a neighbour’s house to recharge the battery and try again.