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Top 10 Answers

Q1 How do I save my payment details for online top-up?

You now have the ability to save your details securely for all future Online Top Ups. By saving your details with us today, the only information you'll need in future is your login and desired top up amount.

Step 1 - Instant Top Up

Firstly, to save your details, you will need to 
complete an Instant Top Up

Step 2 - Save Your Credit Card

During this Instant Top Up you 
will be offered an option to Save Your Details

Step 3 - Confirm Registration Details

On completion of this Instant Top Up
you will be asked to Confirm Your Details

For more information see our new website features page.

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Q2 How can I purchase a top up?

  1. Mobile App: Download and top up on your Android or iPhone
  2. Website: Top up online now 
  3. Shop: Purchase a top up in your local shop with a PayPoint or Payzone sign. 

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Q3 How do I enter my Powercode?

When you've topped up you will usually receive a 20 digit Powercode. Just input this into your Keypad:

Press* - Then enter your powercode - Then Press#

Don’t worry if you enter it wrong, just press * to go back and try again

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Q4 What do I do if I lose my top up voucher?

Simply download our new PrepayPower App, register and log in to your 5 most recent Top Up codes. Download our App today on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store (Android) 

Don’t worry, we can find your Powercode, use our online lookup tool here.


Q5 I lost my top up card. How do I get a replacement?

Don’t worry; the card cannot be used with any other meter.
Please contact us via our online form  or call us to report the loss and a replacement card will be arranged for you. A replacement fee may be charged. 

Q6 How do I access my €10 Emergency Credit?

If you don’t have time to top up, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our €10 Emergency Credit that’ll keep you going. 

Should your balance go below €3, you will hear a low volume warning sound. Press 0 and # on your keypad to turn off the alarm and to activate your €10 emergency credit.  

This should give you additional time to purchase a top up. This alarm will not sound between 10pm (11pm in Summer) and 8am (9am in Summer).  

This €10 will be deducted from your next top up. 

You can only access emergency credit in your meter goes below €3. Your meter must be in a positive balance in order to activate your emergency €10 Emergency Credit. 

When the emergency credit is active, 'SW closed' will display on your keypad.

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Q7 The power is off in my property. What should I do?

  • Check your balance
Firstly, check the balance on your keypad – you may have run out of credit. Purchase top up and input the code to turn your power back on.

You will also need to manually restore power by pressing “A” on your meter, then “B” on the electric meter to connect it again. After this your electricity will come back on straight away. Please be aware that this will restore power to any appliances powered on in your property so, make sure the appliances that were on before the supply was lost have been switched off.

For the Gas meter you will need to press “A” and then “A” again and then “B” to connect. After this please ensure your gas meter is on and has the correct pressure.

If you are using the app, there is a functionality to restore power to your home if you run out of credit and the power has disconnected.

Always postpone restoring power if an electric cooker, heater or other devices may be turned on or plugged in.

  • Check if there is a power cut in the area
Check if your neighbours have been affected. This may be the case if there is fault in the electricity distribution network, which may happen for instance during a storm. ESB Networks are responsible for maintaining the distribution network on behalf of all suppliers. Please take a look at:  http://www.esb.ie/esbnetworks/en/safety-environment/power_cut.jsp which gives advice on what to do. Alternatively call their emergency line on 1800 372 999.
  • Check your fuse board 
For your own safety please be careful when dealing with electrical appliances. Do not touch any items that you believe may be faulty whilst they are connected to the electricity supply.

If there is a balance on your keypad, check if all your devices in your home have been affected. If some but not all devices have been impacted it is likely that a fuse has blown. 

If there is power in your home and the grey meter is working, then there may be an issue with your keypad.  If it is just your home that’s affected, your trip switch may have tripped. Your trip switch is usually located in or near your fuse box. Check that it is in the ‘Up’ or ‘On’ position. If visible you should check the isolator switch usually located beside your meter to check that this is still closed.

For your safety, switch off all electrical appliances during a power cut in case power is restored whilst you are asleep or out of the house. Leave one light on so that you will know when the electricity comes back on.

  • Contact a Registered Electrical Contractor 
If there is a balance on your keypad, the trip switch is ‘On’ there is no power cut in the area, and your electricity is still off, you will need to contact a registered electrical contractor to investigate the fault. 

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Q8 I've just joined PrepayPower. What happens next?

  • Set a date
When you sign up you'll be given a date for installation that's convenient for you.
  • Gentle reminder
You’ll receive a text the day before your meter installation to remind you of your appointment. On the day, the installer will call you before his arrival.
  • Quick, hassle free installation
On arrival at your property, our installer will perform a number of checks before commencing installation (note: all of our installers are fully qualified electricians). The installer will also discuss positioning of the meter and keypad to ensure that you are happy before any works begin.

Please ensure that there is access for our installer to take a reading from your ESB meter. This will be sent to your previous supplier so that they can prepare your final bill.

The PrepayPower main meter is will be mounted as close to your fuse board as possible. Your keypad will be mounted close by, usually below the fuse board at light switch level for easy access.
  • Tutorial
You will be given a tutorial on how to use top up and monitor usage using your keypad. We also provide a welcome pack which includes two top up cards, along with some tips and advice about the service.

The average time for Installation is 40 minutes.

  • Tell your friends
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Q9 There is already a meter in my new home. What do I do?

  • We will terminate the existing account set you up with a brand new one 
  • We just need to you to provide us with some details about yourself and a reading from the ESB meter 
  • We’ll issue a welcome pack with new top up cards by post at no extra charge
  • Don’t worry; we can give you the unique card number to top up while you’re waiting on your cards to arrive

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Q10 I am moving house. What should I do?

If you are moving out of your property, you are still responsible for payment of daily charges in the old property until such times as the account is transferred to someone else, or it is switched to another supplier. In order to avoid being billed for standing charges or electricity usage after you have moved out please carry out the following steps:

  • Provide contact details of the new tenant, owner or letting/estate agent 
  • Provide details of your new property, including address and MPRN and we’ll be happy to set up PrepayPower in your new home