Friendly Credit Hours are the times of the day when you will not lose power even if you have run out of credit. When Friendly Credit Hours end and you still haven't topped up, then you would lose power.

What are Friendly Credit Hours for Smart Meters?

  • If you run out of credit after 3pm during the week, then you're not going to lose power until 2pm the following day if you still havent topped up.
  • You'll also never lose power on a Saturday or Sunday if you run out of credit. You wouldn't lose power until 2pm on Monday.
  • And if you run out of credit on the 1st January, 25th, 26th, 27th and 31st December you won't lose power either.
  • Please remember that the amount of electricity you use during these Friendly Credit Hours will be taken off your next top up so we always advise customers to keep themselves in a positive credit balance.
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