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What is Emergency Credit?

 Emergency Credit is a €10 advance for when you can't top up. You can set up Emergency Credit directly on your meter. Once set up, you can go into -€10 credit before you lose gas.  You pay back the Emergency Credit over later top ups.  It must be paid back before it can be used again.

How do you activate Emergency Credit on your Gas meter?

  1. Emergency Credit is available when your credit is less than €5. You also need to have paid back all previous Gas Emergency Credit used.
  2. Put your gas card into the meter
  3. You will see Emergency Credit being offered on the display screen.
  4. Press the red "A" button to accept the Emergency Credit
  5. €10 Emergency Credit will then be added to your meter.
  6. Find out more here about Gas Emergency Credit and how it is repaid.