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 Benefits of Prepay Broadband

Our PAYG broadband service means you never have to worry about receiving a broadband bill again. Just one top up for both your electricity and broadband. It keeps things nice and simple and straightforward.

What are customers saying about our Broadband?

  • "I can pay as I go and I don't have monthly bills to pay"
  • I can see exactly what I'm using, compare usage from weekdays to weekends and factor that into my budget"
  • "I don't have a bill at the end of the month in a lump sum and I do forget I'm even paying it some times"
  • "Not having monthly electricity... and broadband bills comin gthrough the door makes me less anxious and far less stress"
  • "I am bill free it's a huge weight off my mind especially in these times we are in at the moment as I am out of work"

Need help with budgeting?

There may be times when you are concerned about being able to top up your meter to make sure you have top-up credit for both your electricity and broadband. Don't be! Get in touch with us using the details below for support.

We're here to help:

  • We have a dedicated team on standby to help you with your concerns.
  • We can discuss options to make sure you're able to keep your meter topped up.
  • You can chat with us now by clicking on the yellow "Chat" icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Alternatively, you can call us today on 1800 989 176

Who else can help?

  • The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABs) may be able to help.
  • You can find their contact details here
  • Remember you can also call us today on 1800 989 176 and we can discuss options to make sure you keep your meter topped up.