Everything you have ever wanted to know about the EAB

What is the EAB?

EAB stands for "Estimated Annual Bill". It is a simple indicator that customers can use to compare and contrast tariffs from the same Supplier or between different Supplier tariffs. In a nutshell, it allows customers to compare “apples with apples”.

Is the Estimated Annual Bill calculated at a Customer Level or a tariff level?

The EAB is calculated at a tariff level. In PrePayPower we have 5 different tariffs and subsequently each has its own EAB. The EAB is not a calculation of your specific usage or usage history.

Is the Estimated Annual Bill exactly what I will pay for a year in energy costs?

No, as the name suggests, it is an estimated value based on the CRU’s typical annual consumption figures for gas and electricity. You may pay more or less than this typical rate depending on your energy use.

How does PrePayPower Calculate the Estimated Annual Bill?

(a) For electricity we calculate as follows:


(Unit Rate x CRU typical annual electricity consumption value) + (Standing Charge + Service Charge + PSO) x 365

Tariff Unit Rate  CRU Typical Annual Elec Consumption Value   Standing Charge Service Charge   PSO  EAB (incl. VAT) EAB (Ex. VAT) 
24 Hr Urban Standard  0.1969    4,200 kwh  0.5239  0.3746  0.1297  €1,205.54  €1,062.23
 24 Hr Rural Standard  0.1969    4,200 kwh  0.7167  0.3746  0.1297  €1,272.63  €1,121.34
 Urban Nightsaver Standard   0.2102    4,200 kwh  0.7315  0.3746  0.1297  €1,110.47  €978.27
 Rural Nightsaver Standard  0.2102    4,200 kwh  0.878  0.3746  0.1297  €1,163.76  €1,025.23

* All prices include VAT at 13.5%


(b) For gas we calculate as follows:


((Unit Rate + Carbon Tax) x (CRU typical annual electricity consumption value)) + (Standing Charge + Service Charge) x 365

Tariff Unit Rate Carbon Tax   CRU Typical Annual Gas Consumption Value Standing Charge Service Charge EAB (incl. VAT) EAB (Ex. VAT)
PrePayGas 0.0607  €0.0042  11,000 kwh 0.3099 0.2022 €899.73 €792.79

* All prices include VAT at 13.5%

What is the CRU published Typical Annual Electricity Consumption Values for gas and electricity?
Year  Gas Elec
2017/2018 11,000 kWh 4,200 kWh

All Participants (suppliers) in the Electricity and gas industry will use these industry indicative values to calculate their EAB.