4%* Reduction in Electricity Costs for PrePayPower Customers! 

Our customers will receive of a 4%* saving in their residential electricity costs from March 31st 2015. This will save them €53* (on average) per year.

We are reducing our standard unit rates by 7%** from 19.31 cents per unit to 17.98 cents per unit. This is the cheapest*** standard unit rate for electricity in the Irish market!

We believe in offering fair value to everyone, not just short-term rates for new customers only. That is why all customers, new and current, will avail of this market leading rate!

Customers can also save an additional 6.6%† on their electricity consumption by using our Smart Control System.

To reflect higher costs we incur in servicing customers, we are increasing our network standing charge by 4.8 cent per day††. However, our standing charge will continue to remain lower than many other suppliers.

Overall, the saving will deliver a 4%* cost saving or a €53* reduction in annual electricity costs and will come into effect from March 31st 2015 for our current customers.

* Price comparison example made based on PrePayPower’s new 24hr Standard Urban tariff vs. the rate given to customers who signed up before 01/02/2015. Average industry usage figure of 5,300kwh per year was used.
** Prices quoted relate to standard 24h meters. A 7% reduction also applies to the equivalent day / night metered rates.
*** The 'Cheapest Standard Unit Rate' comparison was made against all Irish domestic electricity providers' standard unit rates on 01/03/2015. Pricing is subject to change.

† Analysis of over 2,500 PrePayPower customers found an average electricity consumption saving of 6.6% over a two year period. For more details see www.prepaypower.ie/save
†† Changes quoted related to urban customers. An increase of 6.4 cent applies to rural customers.
††† 72% usage statistic is based on PrePayPower’s 24hr Urban tariff with an average annual kwh estimate consumption of 5,300kwh per year.

Pricing Changes - Frequently Asked Question

What does the cheapest 'Standard Unit Rate' mean?

The 'Standard Unit Rate' is the price you pay for each unit of electricity that you use. Therefore, the cheapest 'Standard Unit Rate' means that PrePayPower is supplying units of electricity cheaper than any other electricity provider's standard unit rate in Ireland. This is important because, on average, your consumption makes up 72% ††† of your annual electricity costs - the standard unit rate you pay is the biggest factor in how much you spend on electricity.

How did you calculate that PrePayPower’s 'Standard Unit Rate' is the cheapest?

The PrePayPower standard unit rate is 17.98 cent per unit. This is the cheapest*** standard cost per unit of electricity in Ireland (on 30/1/2015).

Why use the word standard in your advertising?

In order to avoid any chance of customer confusion have inserted the word ‘standard’ beside unit rate into our advertising. This is to provide additional clarity. As a PrePayPower customer you can rest assured that we have only one rate. We are offering the cheapest standard unit rate to all of our customers. Standard unit rates are important as these are the rates that an estimated 6 out of 7 customers pay.

What do I have to do to get on this new rate?

Don't worry, you don't need to do anything! We are making sure that all of our customers are getting the cheapest standard unit rate, both current and new customers. However, please bear in mind that you will receive a 60 digit code (instead of a 20 digit code) for your first top up on/after 31st March 2015 in order to make this rates change to your meter. Once you have entered this 60 digit code you will go back to receiving 20 digit codes for future top ups. Please note that you must top up on/after 31st March to receive the cheapest standard unit rate..

How long will the cheapest standard unit rate last for?

Price comparison was made with other suppliers standard unit rates on 1/2/2015. Rate introduced for new customers on 1/2/2015 and for existing customers on 31/3/2015. Pricing subject to change.

How will this affect my top ups?

You benefit by getting more value for your top ups! You will get more electricity for the same amount of money that you spend. 

How much will I save with the new standard unit rate? Will I pay more or less for my electricity now?

Based on the average consumption, you will save €53* per year. And don't forget, you can also avail of free top up credit by referring friends to PrePayPower

Why is there an increase in the standing charge?

To reflect higher costs we incur in servicing customers. You can help to keep this charge low by submitting regular meter readings to us. Even though we have increased the standing charge it is still competitive by remaining cheaper than many other suppliers.

Please explain the various PrePayPower charges to me:

At PrePayPower we try to make the cost of our electricity as clear and transparent as possible for our customers. Our electricity costs are made up by four elements:

1. Standard Unit Rates

Standard unit rates are the price you pay for the electricity you consume. Units are calculated in kilowatts per hour or kwh. PrePayPower will offer the cheapest standard unit rate for electricity in Ireland from 31st March 2015. This means that you will pay less for electricity you use.  On average your consumption makes up 72% ††† of your annual electricity costs - this makes the standard unit rate you pay the biggest factor in how much you spend on electricity. The PrePayPower standard unit rate will be 17.98 cent per unit from 31st March 2015.

2. Standing Charge

PrePayPower offer a competitive standing charge which is cheaper than many other suppliers. This charge covers the cost to develop, maintain and supply your home through Ireland’s electricity network. From continuing to upgrade Ireland’s infrastructure to fixing outages after severe weather storms your standing charges contribute towards innovation and stability in Ireland’s electricity network. The cost of the standing charge depends on the type of rate - urban vs. rural, night vs. day.

3. Prepayment Service Charge

There is also a prepayment service charge which helps PrePayPower avoid charging you any set-up fees or deposits. It also covers the costs of building and maintaining PrePayPower's prepaid electricity network. The prepayment service charge is 37.5 cent per day.

From 31st of March you can reduce this prepayment service charge to less than 5 cent per day if you pay upfront for our Smart Pay-As-You-Go system. However, we set all customers on a daily rate of 37 cent  by default as this is the cheapest option over 12 months. 

4. Public Service Obligation Levy

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy is a mandatory charge that is the same amount regardless of what electricity provider you choose. 

It covers the generation of indigenous fuels (e.g. Peat) and renewable energy, it is mandated by Government and approved by the European Commission. The levy is used to contribute to the additional costs incurred by the ESB and other electricity generators which are not recovered by the standing charges. The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy for electricity has been set at the October 2014 VAT inclusive rate of €73.06 per annum (20.02c per day).

How can PrePayPower help me reduce the electricity I use?

PrePayPower’s Control system is really smart, it brings complete transparency to your electricity costs and puts you in total control allowing you to save on the electricity you use!

Our Smart PrePay System displays your credit balance in real-time and lets you monitor and control your usage at the touch of a button. It’s very handy because it allows you to see which appliances are costing you the most money, not just during the winter, but right throughout the year!

Your Budget Controller will let you see how much energy you’ve used in the last day, week or month, or even show you how much electricity an appliance uses! Learn more