Our Smart Control System

Your PrePayPower Keypad is super smart and gives you complete transparency on your energy costs meaning you’re in total control. Whether you want to see how much energy you’ve used in the last day, week and month or see how much electricity an appliance uses we’ve got this covered.

Your Keypad Explained

Each number on your keypad represents a different function, some options let you monitor your usage and other your spend – see below for a full guide:

Checking your Credit Balance

Press 111 to check your balance. When your credit reduces to €3, you will hear a low-volume warning sound. Press any button to turn it off.

€5 IOU

When you turn the low-credit warning sound off you will automatically get €5 IOU credit. If your supply switches off, press 0 and #  to activate your €5 IOU credit.

Remember the next time you buy electricity, the €5 IOU will be deducted from your balance.

Monitoring your energy usage

Your keypad allows you to check how much electricity you are using.

Button 1

Shows you the number of day’s credit left, based on the previous week’s usage. This is a useful guide, however, your usage may vary from week to week so you may use more or less than this estimate.

Button 2

Shows you how much electricity you've used in the past day, week or month.

Button 6

Shows you how much electricity you are using now in Kilowatts. Use this function to work out how much electricity each appliance uses.

Keypad Buttons Explained

* Press this before entering Powercodes.

# Press this after entering Powercodes.

# Press this to see the amount of credit left.

  1. Credit time left in days - based on your last week's usage.
  2. Cost of previous day’s, week’s, month’s electricity use.
  3. Unit rates and number of units used.
  4. The last five Powercodes entered.
  5. Total money entered into meter.
  6. Electricity currently being used in Kilowatts.
  7. Standing charge repayment rates per day, if applicable.
  8. Highest consumption in any half hour in the last 24hrs and when it occurred.
  9. Total units used.
  10. Displays time and date.

Monitor your usage

You can use button 2 daily to monitor your usage. At the end of day 1, press 2 to see the amount of energy you have used that day. Follow our tips on day 2 to reduce your energy usage. At the end of day 2, press 2 again to check if your energy usage has reduced.

Work out how much energy an appliance uses

You can use button 6 to check how much energy an appliance uses. Just press 6 twice before you use an appliance, such as a tumble drier or kettle. The figure shown is how much energy is currently being used in your home. When the appliance is in use, press 6 again for the updated energy amount. The difference in these 2 figures is the amount of energy the appliance uses.

See our tips and savings section to see more ways you can save money with PrePayPower.


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