Ways to Save

PrePayPower’s Control system is really smart, it brings complete transparency to your electricity costs and puts you in total control allowing you to save on the electricity you use!

Our Smart PrePay System displays your credit balance in real-time and lets you monitor and control your usage at the touch of a button. It’s very handy because it allows you to see which appliances are costing you the most money, not just during the winter, but right throughout the year!

Your Budget Controller will let you see how much energy you’ve used in the last day, week or month, or even show you how much electricity an appliance uses! 

How to Save:

Button 2

You can use button 2 to monitor your daily usage:

At the end of a day press 2 and you'll see the amount of energy you have used that day. Follow our energy saving tips on the next day to reduce your energy usage. At the end of day 2, press 2 again to check how much electricity you've used.

Comparing these two days allows you to see how easy it is to save!

Button 6

You can use button 6 to check how much energy an appliance uses, here’s how:

Simply press 6 once before you use an appliance, such as a tumble dryer. The figure shown* is how much energy is currently being used in your household.

When the appliance is in use, press 6 again for the updated energy amount. The difference in these 2 figures is the amount of energy the appliance uses.

Top Tip

The Electricity you use is measured in units and will appear as kWh on your Budget Controller.

Saving - Frequently Asked Questions

How much do PrePayPower’s customers save on average?

Analysis of 15,422 PrePayPower customers found an average annual consumption reduction of 9% after switching to PrePayPower. Over 26% of the sample reduced by over 20% annually.

What % of my electricity spend results from my electricity usage?

A massive 72%* of the average annual electricity spend is made up by the electricity you use. This means that a change in your usage can mean a large reduction in your costs.

* This is based on PrePayPower’s standard 24hr urban plan as of 01/03/2015 and the industry agreed average annual consumption figures of 5,300 kwh.

How much would I save if I reduce my electricity usage by 20%?

This would mean a reduction of up to €190 on your usage costs in a year. This is based on an average home that uses 5,300 units of electricity reducing their usage by up to 20% after one year on our 24hr standard urban rate plan.

How were the 15,422 PrePayPower customers selected for the study?

On 23/1/15 we selected all PrePayPower customers who we had an annual reading for their prior 12 months before switching to PrePayPower and who had an annual reading for their subsequent 12 months with PrePayPower. Both readings were provided to PrePayPower by EBS Networks.


What else should I know before I switch?

All pricing is subject to change, see www.prepaypower.ie/pricing for our latest pricing. Switching to PrePayPower is subject to a minimum contract period.

When you switch to PrePayPower you’ll have control to save on the electricity you use – not all Electricity suppliers can say that, what’s more you Pay As You Go which means you’ll have one less bill to worry about!

So if you haven’t already why not join the 125,000 PrePayPower Customers who have already switched and reduced.

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