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PrepayPower Emergency Credit: Everything You Need to Know

If you don’t have the time to top up (or simply forgot to top up), emergency credit is there to provide you with electricity should your meter run low. With our prepay electricity meters, this €10 credit is activated when your meter goes below €3.

As this credit is only designed to give you enough time to purchase more credit, the power to your home will go when the emergency credit has run out. This means that the power supply in your home will go off until you top up to bring the meter into a positive balance.

It is based on an IOU method, whereby the €10 taken as emergency credit will be automatically deducted from your next top-up amount.


3 Ways to Top Up

How to Activate Your PrepayPower Emergency Credit 

  1. Should your balance go below €3 a low volume warning will sound.

  2. When you hear this, press 0 and # on the keypad to turn off the warning sound.

  3. This will then activate the €10 Emergency Credit. Once activated, the words ‘SW closed’ (switch closed) will display on your keypad.

Once you activate the emergency credit once, this will be set on your meter going forward unless you deactivate it.

Pressing 0 and # a second time will deactivate the emergency credit. The meter will then display the words “SW open”. This means that the emergency credit setting is no longer on the meter.  

Emergency credit is only available for Classic Pay customers as Smart Pay customers receive a text message when their meter enters a low balance, as well as having an auto top-up function. Therefore, these customers will be able to top up anywhere, anytime not needing the ability to receive emergency credit.


How Will My Emergency Credit Display? 

Your meter will display a minus balance and your meter will have power until the meter gets to -€10.00.

There are certain times when your electricity won’t cut-off, even if you have used all of your emergency credit. These are our ‘Friendly Credit Hours’. They are available for Classic Pay customers and their aim is to ensure that you’ll never be cut-off during hours where you may not be able to access top-up facilities.

Here at PrepayPower, we never cut you off in the evenings. Our Friendly Credit Hours are between 4pm and 9am during Winter and between 5pm and 10am during Summer. Additionally, we will never cut you off at the following times:


  • During weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Christmas period (25th to 27th December)

  • New Years (31st December to 1st January)


However, it is important to note that the balance for power used during these time periods will be deducted from your next top-up, so  we would advise customers to keep themselves in credit to avoid those rushes to top up to avoid losing power in the morning.

If you’re wondering about bank holidays, then you should note that these are normal credit days so you will need to top up as normal. The Friendly Credit Hours during these days are Mondays 4pm to 9am in Winter and 5pm to 10am in Summer.