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Friday 4 September 2020.

Prepaypower has announced an increase in prices for electricity of 2.9% from 4th October next.

In April last the company had introduced a reduction in electricity prices of 2.5%.

The increase results from an increase in network related costs which are outside of the control of Prepaypower and which are impacting all suppliers in the electricity market. The effect of the increase for the average customer will be just over 9 cent per day.

Freeze on Gas Prices for Winter

The company has also confirmed that it is freezing gas prices this winter. Gas prices were reduced by 11.5% by the company in April last and that reduction is now locked in for the Winter when gas consumption is particularly high.

A Prepaypower spokesman said:
“In April we reduced both electricity and gas prices. At that time we passed on the benefit of reduced rates from our forward purchasing of electricity and gas for delivery this winter. This resulted in an 11.5% reduction for gas customers and a 2.5% reduction on electricity, saving an average customer approximately €100 per year.

Unfortunately, the increase in electricity prices from next month reverses that April reduction. It arises from network cost pressures which are impacting all the suppliers of electricity in the market and which are outside of our control. We remind our customers that through our app, there are a number of opportunities to manage energy consumption which can lower energy consumption and costs.”

Issued on behalf of Prepay Power by Gordon MRM


Monday 31st August 2020

PSO Price Levy Increase

From October 1st, 2020, the Government PSO levy which all Electricity Customers must pay regardless of their energy supplier will increase. From that date, the PSO Levy will be increased to €88.80 per year, an increase of €50.12.

What is the PSO levy

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy is mandated by the Government. It is designed to recover the additional costs associated with electricity from specified sources of generation, including sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources

This levy is calculated and checked annually by the CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) in line with Government policy. All energy suppliers in Ireland are required to collect this levy from their customers.


Friday 28th February 2020

PrepayPower announces cuts to electricity and gas prices

Savings of almost €100 p/y on average for dual fuel customers.

PrepayPower, Ireland’s leading PAYG energy provider (PAYG = Pay As You Go) today announced a decrease in its energy prices.

The company, which supplies in excess of 150,000 electricity customers and 50,000 gas customers is reducing its unit rate for electricity by 2.5%, with a 11.5% decrease in the unit rate for gas.

This means a saving of over €97 per year on average for all of our dual fuel customers. The reduction will come into effect for all customers from 1st April 2020.

Cathal Fay, CEO of PrepayPower commented “we are delighted to be able to pass on this price reduction to all of our customers. They also continue to enjoy the control that our service gives them which helps them reduce consumption when and where they wish."


Tuesday 29th January 2019 

Changes to Electricity Emergency Credit

On the 29th January, the Electricity Emergency Credit amount available on your meter will increase from €5 to €10.  To allow the update take place, you will receive a once off 40-digit top code when you top up in the shop or on the App. Please enter this on your meter. We would like to reassure you that this longer code is not due to a price increase.

The increased Electricity Emergency Credit amount is there to help you out if you are unable to get to the shop to top up your meter, for example, during bad weather or storms.  We advise you to save your Electricity Emergency Credit amount for when you really need it and for whatever reason you are unable to top up your meter. 

If you have any questions on the increase in the Electricity Emergency Credit amount, please see our FAQs below:

Electricity Emergency Credit FAQ

Q. I have received a longer top up code?

After topping up, you will have received a 40-digit top up code that you will need to type into the meter before you can top up. Your next top up after this will return to a 20-digit code as normal.

To enter your once off longer Top Up code simply follow the below steps.

1. Press the STAR (*) key.

2. Then enter your 40-digit power code

3. Press the HASH (#) key.

Q. Why have I received a longer top up code?

You have received a 40 digit top up code to enable you to avail of the increase in Electricity Emergency Credit from €5 to €10 on January 29th, 2019.

Q. Have you increased your prices?

We would like to reassure customers that we have not increased our prices and we are still committed to freezing our prices for the winter period. This longer top up code is in relation to the increase of electricity emergency credit from €5 to €10 that comes into effect on 29th January 2019 only.

Q. Why have you increased the electricity emergency credit?

The increased Electricity Emergency Credit amount is there to help you out if you are unable to get to the shop to top up your meter, for example, during bad weather or storms.  We advise you to save your Electricity Emergency Credit amount for when you really need it and for whatever reason you are unable to top up your meter. 

Q. I have a smart meter, do I need to enter a 40 digit code?

Smart pay customers will not receive a 40 digit code as the increase on emergency credit will be activated on the meter automatically on the 29th January, 2019.

Q. I’ve lost my 40 digit top up code?

If you have misplaced your top up code, you can find this code by typing your account number into online account look up tool

Q. When I enter the 40 digit I get an error?
  • Rejected: Error – If this message appears, please try again after a few minutes, as there may have been an issue with the speed of the input. If this continues please contact us.
  • Rejected: Incorrect – If this message appears, please enter the code again slowly. This message means that the code is valid for the meter but was entered incorrectly.
  • Rejected: Duplicate – If this message appears, you do not need to enter the code again. This code was already entered and accepted onto the meter.
  • Rejected: Wrong Tariff – If this message appears, it means that the 40-digit code was never entered, and you have purchased more credit. Please enter the 40-digit code to continue topping up. If you have misplaced your top up code, you can find this code by typing your account number into online account look up tool

Further to this, if the code is entered incorrectly too many times, the meter will display KB Lock. This means that the meter has blocked the topping up feature temporarily. This will resolve itself within 15 minutes, and you should be able to top-up again shortly. If this persists, please contact us please contact our dedicated support team on 0818 333 180 and we would be happy to assist you.

Q. I’ve used my full €10 emergency credit; how do I avail of it again?

If you have used up all your emergency credit, you will need to top up again to a positive amount (€1 or more) on your meter to ensure you are able to avail of the €10 emergency credit again.

Q. I’ve topped up by €10 after using emergency credit but supply hasn’t been restored?

This is due to the accumulation of standing charges on the meter which are deducted daily, regardless of whether there is credit on the meter. If this continues to accumulate and the meter is not kept topped up, the minus balance will continue to increase. To avoid this, we would recommend always keeping your meter in a positive balance.

Wednesday 28th November 2018

Changes to Emergency Gas Credit

We would like to inform our Gas customers that we will be increasing the Emergency Credit to €10 from 1st December 2018.

If for any reason you are unable to get to the shop to top up you can now avail of €10 Emergency Credit which can be borrowed until you buy some more credit.

To use the Emergency Credit option, insert the Gas card into the meter and accept the credit by pressing the red Button A.