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Lowest* Unit Rate

Lowest Unit Rate
  • We offer the lowest* unit rate in the electricity market.
  • This means you pay less for the electricity you use. 
  • On average, your consumption makes up 72%** of your annual electricity costs - this means the unit rate is the most important factor to watch when paying for electricity.

Straightforward Pricing

  • Our Standing Charge is cheaper than many other suppliers
  • A 37.5 cent Prepayment Service Charge per day to avoid set-up fees and maintain our service
  • Government PSO levy of 20 cent per day
  • For more details simply click here

Free Set-up Option

Free Set-up of Electricity Control
  • Free set-up option with no installation fees
  • Alternatively, you can choose to pay up-front for the Smart Control System
  • Also, there's no deposit required on sign-up
  • Our Smart Control system will help you save*** on the electricity you use

* Lowest standard unit rate comparison was made against all Irish domestic electricity providers standard unit rates, comparisons made on 01/02/2015.
** The 72% usage statistic is based on PrePayPower’s 24hr Standard Urban tariff with an average annual kwh estimate consumption of 5,300kwh per year. 
*** Based on 2,615 PrePayPower customers who saved on average 6.6% over a 2 year period. For the average household this is an average saving of €118 over two years. Average spends based on PrePayPower’s standard 24hr urban tariff and standing charges as of 16/12/2013 and an average household consumption of 5,300kWh per year. 

How much does PrePayPower cost?

At PrePayPower we try to make the cost of our electricity as clear and transparent as possible for our customers. Our electricity costs are made up of four elements:

1. Electricity Unit Rate

PrePayPower offers the lowest* unit rate in the Pay-As-You-Go electricity market. This means you pay less for electricity you use. Unit rates are the price you pay for the electricity you consume, units are calculated in kilowatts per hour or kwh. On average your consumption makes up 72%** of your annual electricity costs which makes the unit rate you pay the biggest consideration when choosing an electricity provider. The PrePayPower unit rate is 17.98 cent per unit. Click here for a full list of our unit rates.

2. Standing Charge

PrePayPower offer a competitive standing charge which is cheaper than many other suppliers. This charge covers the cost to develop, maintain and supply your home through Ireland’s electricity network. From continuing to upgrade Ireland’s infrastructure to fixing outages after severe weather storms your standing charges contribute towards innovation and stability in Ireland’s world-class electricity network. Click here for to see standing charges  

3. Prepayment Service Charge

There is also a prepayment service charge of 37.5 cent per day which helps us avoid charging you any set-up fees or deposits. It also covers the costs of building and maintaining Ireland's 1st Prepaid electricity network. PrePayPower continually invest in the delivery of a top-quality electricity alternative that our customers have come to really rely on to help budget and control their electricity costs.

4. Government Public Service Obligation Levy

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy is a mandatory charge that is the same amount regardless of what electricity provider you choose. It covers the generation of indigenous fuels (e.g. Peat) and renewable energy, it is mandated by Government and approved by the European Commission. The levy is used to contribute to the additional costs incurred by the ESB and other electricity generators which are not recovered by the standing charges. The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy for electricity has been set at the October 2014 VAT inclusive rate of €73.06 per annum (20.02c per day). Learn more   

What Does Our Smart Control System Do?

When you switch, we'll install our Smart PrePay System in your home. With the touch of a button you can track and save*** on the electricity you use. See how much you're saving in terms of days, weeks and months.

The smart PrePay System even shows you when appliances are left on around your home. If you're looking for a better way to stay on top of your electricity costs, you've found it!

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