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Free Set-up

Free Set-up of Electricity Control
  • We don't charge installation fees
  • No deposits required on sign-up
  • Smart Control of your electricity charges*
  • Our Smart Control system will help you reduce and save** on the electricity you use

No Bills

No More Electricity Bills
  • You will never receive a bill
  • No direct debits coming out of your account
  • No more bill estimates
  • One less bill to worry about

Simple Pricing

  • We match the appropriate Electric Ireland Standard Electricity standing charge***
  • For our unit rates click here
  • The same Government PSO levy of 20 cent per day****
  • A 37.5 cent prepayment service charge per day*****

What Does Our Smart Control System Do?

*When you switch, we'll install our Smart PrePay System in your home. With the touch of a button you can track and save** on the electricity you use. See how much you're saving in terms of days, weeks and months.

The smart PrePay System even shows you when appliances are left on around your home. If you're looking for a better way to stay on top of your electricity costs, you've found it!

Save on the Electricity You Use

**Analysis of over 2,500 PrePayPower customers found an average consumption saving of 6.6% in over a two year period. For more details click here.


Standard Charges of Electric Ireland 

***Price comparisons made vs. equivalent appropriate Electric Ireland Standard Electricity standing charges as of Jan 1st 2014. Pricing is subject to change. 

Electricity Unit Rates

Click here for a full list of our unit rates.

The Goverment PSO Levy

****The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy applies to all domestic electricity customers, regardless of supplier. As of October 2014 this has been set at €73.06 per annum including VAT. This is charged at a daily rate of 20.02c per day.

This fee is used to recoup additional costs incurred by the ESB and other suppliers and goes towards investing in Ireland’s commitment to generating a sustainable, renewable and indigenous energy supply.

A Prepayment Service Charge

***** There is also a prepayment service charge of 37.5 cent per day which helps us avoid charging you any set-up fees or deposits. It also covers the costs of building and maintaining Ireland's 1st Prepaid electricity network. PrePayPower continually invest in the delivery of a top-quality electricity alternative that our customers have come to really rely on to help budget and control their electricity costs.

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